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Latin America and Caribbean Federation for Internet and Electronic Commerce
eCOM-LAC PARTICIPATED in the ICANN Paris Meeting, which completed preparation for Draft RFP

eCOM-LAC participated in the ICANN Paris Meeting, (June 22-26), wherein the final preparations were completed for the publication of the Draft RFP Guidebook...

eCOM-LAC PARTICIPATED in Double Event in
Montevideo: LACNIC Consultation Meeting and IGF Preparatory Meeting

LACNIC Consultation Meeting and IGF Preparatory Meeting. (August 18/19). The community of latinamerican stakeholders converged in Montevideo...

eCOM-LAC attends Meeting of GKP Regional Coordinators in Paris, at the UNESCO facilities
  The RCs from eight regions of the world presented their action plans for the year 2009...
eCOM-LAC was present at the ICANN Meeting held in Cairo. The Draft RFP Guidebook is launched for comments
  The meeting featured debates and a public forum that initiated comments and questions on the DRAFT RFP GUIDEBOOK...
eCOM-LAC invited to Special Meeting in Sao Pablo by the Brazil Internet Steering Committee
  The meeting was attended by the foremost ICT Associations of Brazil, and executives of the Brazil Internet Streering Committee...